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October 12, 2008
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Cancer eye by ftourini Cancer eye by ftourini
my facebook page: [link]

Cancer eye is the seventh sign of my zodiac eye series, see all of them here: [link] :flirty:

Photo/ makeup: =ftourini
model: Maria R

This is no stock!!!! :spank:

for cool stock eyes and my eye tutorials look at my resources folder here: [link]
and at my stock account : :iconftisis-stock:

Positive nature:Cancers have forgiving natures, normally know a
problem before someone open their mouths.
They are effected greatly by the moon and water.
Very nurturing, mother like and often shrewd.
Negative Nature: Sometimes absorb others emotions
and are considered too clingy, moody, depressive and even devious.
Considered the Yin ind the astrology world and are very unstable,
emotional wise. Like to moon as some compares.

I tried to combine the ruby colors with the dark colors of the moon an the sea greens cause some people said it would be cool in dark red and some wanted it with sea greens and greys like the moon and night colors.
I used red cause Ruby is the birthstone for July:heart:
and crab colored shell cause its a water sign ;)

Hope this pleases all of you :D :blowkiss:
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KcKeyly Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the eye should be blue to represent moon and water, and contrast the red; but regardless, that looks magnificent! Well done!
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love the color
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